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Highspot, powering modern businesses with the industry's highest-rated sales enablement platform, today announced a new partnership with SalesLoft featuring the only native sales enablement integration directly within the SalesLoft platform.


Jake Braly, VP of marketing at Highspot (a Brainshark partner), suggested this as well. “Modern buyers don't want to be on a ‘journey,’" Braly says. "They want a destination ... I will embrace a modern approach to sales enablement by equipping our sellers with insightful content at the right moments so they can add value to every buyer's purchase process and guide them to their destination.”

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Highspot announced today that Matt Weil has joined the company as vice president of sales. An experienced leader in growing a sales organization through initial public offering, Weil brings more than 20 years of sales leadership and management experience to his new role.

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Selling Power is pleased to announce that it has released the 2018 List of Recommended Sales Enablement Partners. This list was published in the December issue of Selling Power magazine. This is the first year Selling Power has produced and published this list. Selling Power magazine founder and publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner says the list was created to recognize the powerful interplay between people and technology in the digital era of selling.

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More than 2,400 professionals registered for the recent Sales Enablement Soiree, a day-long event that is estimated to be the largest sales enablement focused event in North America. Event registration in 2017 increased four-fold over last year’s event, illustrating how demand is snowballing for the discipline of sales enablement.

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Highspot and LearnCore today announced a partnership to deliver LearnCore’s powerful training solution on Highspot’s end-to-end sales enablement platform. By combining LearnCore’s innovative approach to sales rep learning, testing, certification, and coaching with the power of Highspot’s sales enablement platform, the integration provides reps with one-stop access to the tools they rely upon for effective customer conversations.

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends

Highspot is one of the first three companies receiving funding from the Salesforce AI Innovation Fund. Highspot’s sales enablement platform connects sales teams to relevant content for each situation. The Highspot website says it uses machine learning to “surface the most relevant and effective content for each sales opportunity and provide advanced analytics to optimize your sales cycle.”

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Highspot, the leading end-to-end sales enablement platform, today announced additions to its executive leadership team. New members of the team arrive as the company continues experiencing rapid customer growth, expands its headquarters, and rolls out new innovations.


“Highspot delivers the value of AI and machine learning to the sales enablement software market,” said Doug Pepper, Managing Director at Shasta Ventures. The startup has the “product, the team and the customer validation to solve a problem that’s plagued sales reps for years – getting the right content at the right time to help close customers.”


Highspot thinks its artificial intelligence models are making sales organizations much more efficient, and it has raised $15 million in new funding to go out and prove it at scale.

The Seattle-based startup recently closed a Series B round of funding, led by Shasta Ventures but Salesforce Ventures and initial investor Madrona Venture Group also kicked in some cash. Highspot has raised $24.6 million in funding to date.


Highspot, a sales enablement solution that sales reps and marketers love, today announced the closing of a $15 million Series B financing round led by Shasta Ventures, with participation from Salesforce Ventures and existing investor, Madrona Venture Group. This new investment will help Highspot extend its ability to provide reps with capabilities that result in more effective customer conversations.

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Highspot, the leading sales enablement platform for content management, customer engagement, and analytics, has been named a High Performer in the Spring 2017 G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Enablement, which is based on candid feedback from verified customers. Highspot received the highest satisfaction score among sales enablement providers, and 99% of users rated its solution 4 or 5 stars. 94% of users believe the company is headed in the right direction, and 96% of users said they would be likely to recommend Highspot.

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While the products remain independent, an integrated version combines sales training, content creation and organization, and publishing. Waltham, Massachusetts-based Brainshark is known for providing sales skills and training, coaching, content curation and publishing, while Seattle-based Highspot has focused on organizing, finding, customizing, sharing and analyzing sales content. Now, the two companies are announcing an integration that encompasses all those functions.

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Brainshark, Inc. and Highspot, Inc. today announced the availability of their integrated sales enablement solutions to help organizations improve sales productivity and close more deals. Providing seamless connections between Brainshark’s application for rep onboarding and sales training, and Highspot’s platform for sales content management, customer engagement and analytics, the integration establishes a new standard in sales enablement.

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The 2017 State of Sales Enablement Report illustrates an assortment of significant performance differences between companies with and without sales enablement. The report also showcases the influence of sales enablement on revenue and conversion rates, as well as the most urgent performance gaps facing sales, marketing, and sales enablement teams. In summary, respondents from businesses with a commitment to sales enablement rated their company's performance significantly higher on every key driver of sales success.

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Highspot, the sales enablement industry’s most complete platform for sales content management, customer engagement, and analytics, has been identified as a representative vendor in the October 2016 Gartner “Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales” report. The report lists some of Highspot’s capabilities in content repository management, content management, content delivery, sales analytics, and sales process integration.

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Brainshark, Inc. and Highspot, Inc. have entered into a strategic partnership to empower more companies to improve sales effectiveness. By integrating their best-of-breed solutions, Brainshark and Highspot deliver unprecedented flexibility for customers, providing the industry’s only streamlined capabilities for onboarding, training, coaching, content management, customer engagement and analytics. Customers now have access to the capabilities they need for every phase of the sales cycle: from onboarding new reps to optimizing their content to effectively engaging with customers.

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Highspot and ToutApp today announced a product integration and go-to-market partnership to provide sales reps with more effective ways to engage customers. Together, Highspot and ToutApp are streamlining how sales and marketing teams work by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time in the sales process. The Highspot and ToutApp partnership is the first of its kind between sales enablement and sales productivity platforms, ushering in a new era of an integrated sales technology stack.


Microsoft Developer Blog

We highlight a great partner and startup – Highspot. Highspot provides a solution for sales and marketing teams to track documents – like PowerPoint – that they send around to customers. As Highspot was getting started, like many startups they built key parts of their application on Amazon Web Services. But a very interesting thing happened recently. They decided that it was critical to meet customers where they are and one of those critical places is in Office. So they became an Office cloud storage provider – you can read more about that in their words here. That started a deeper set of integrations.

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Today, in the keynote address at Build 2016, Microsoft showcased Highspot’s integration with Power BI, extending the reach and flexibility of Highspot’s advanced sales enablement analytics. Using Highspot’s BI Kit™, sales enablement data can be imported into Power BI and combined with other data sets such as HR, finance, and operations. Using Power BI Desktop, powerful reports can be developed and then imported directly into Highspot’s analytics dashboard, sitting side-by-side with Highspot’s built-in reports, providing sales and marketing teams with a unique 360-degree perspective on the effectiveness of their sales enablement initiatives.

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Highspot today announced seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and automatic content filtering by language based on machine learning capabilities. Highspot’s enhanced email functionality helps sales reps drive more timely and informed conversations with customers by providing insight into when emailed content was opened, read, downloaded, and shared, and which pages of any document were viewed the longest.

CIO Review

CIO Review,

Sales Enablement platform Highspot is now integrated with Microsoft Office Online, enabling sales reps to edit documents and presentations from within the platform. The integration comes with additional features like real-time co-authoring with Office Online documents, content customization capabilities for sellers, sales content analytics and increased error detection capabilities

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Highspot announced integration with Microsoft Office Online that enables a sales rep to edit documents and presentations directly from within the Highspot application. This integration allows sellers to customize the content they share with prospects while saving time, reducing opportunities for error, and giving companies advanced analytics on how sales content evolves as it reaches customers. No other sales enablement platform offers this capability.

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Highspot today announced a substantial expansion to its integration with content repository and CRM solutions. The expansion brings overall integrations to 22 solutions including content repositories, CRM, online presentation services and Single Sign On (SSO) providers, the most of any sales enablement platform. These integrations will make it easier for organizations to integrate Highspot into their existing sales content distribution workflows.

MarTech Advisor

Ankush Gupta

The sales enablement market is growing rapidly as companies recognize the incredible gains to be had by improving sales effectiveness. To realize these gains, and create a systematic process for continual improvement, companies need closed-loop sales enablement technology to enable them to measure their performance.


MarketingLand, Mary Wallace

Driven by the internet, buyers are now in control of knowledge consumption. They are self-educating — gobbling mass amounts of content that’s helping them make their decisions. As a result, salespeople are no longer the sole providers of information for buyers.
Sales enablement increases sales productivity. Wearing many hats, it is client-facing content; education and analysis; and fast and easy access to the right content and knowledge so salespeople can focus on providing value and fostering relationships during client conversations.

MarTech Advisor

MarTech Advisor

The concept of sales enablement teams has matured in recent years, and Sales Enablement technology has been developed to enable a predictable, measurable, closed-loop sales cycle. No longer are network drives and email blasts effective ways to share content with sales teams.
Adaptability is key to success when market conditions change fast, and by employing a Sales Enablement platform, marketing can publish, knowing that sales always has easy access to the most current, most effective material, no matter what.

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive, David Kirkpatrick

The State of Sales Enablement 2015 report found a disconnect between the reported effectiveness of the technology and teams who said they use it.
In fact, 75% of surveyed B2B sales and marketing professionals reported sales enablement measurement as important for tracking sales support effectiveness, but only 37% reported having sales enablement teams in place.

Demand Gen Report

DemandGen Report, Brian Anderson

Highspot is a sales enablement platform designed to connect sales teams with relevant content to engage customers more effectively and track the performance of sales enablement content. The solution positions sales teams to use the most relevant content for each situation through advanced search and predictive technology. The system aims to provide flexible ways to present content to customers and deliver real-time visibility into engagement metrics.

Demand Gen Report

DemandGen Report

Modern marketers have worked hard to fill voids in their content marketing initiatives, but are their efforts making the grade? This infographic from Highspot looks at the gaps between perception and reality when it comes to content creation, distribution and collaboration with sales.

Social Times

Social Times, Kimberlee Morrison

Sales and marketing on social are most effective when integrated, and creating customer experience teams allows your company to make the most of its resources and content. Highspot, a sales technology company, has compiled five tips for making the most out of your sales and marketing materials.

Bloomberg Business, Dina Bass

A raft of startups such as Clari Inc., Aviso Inc. and Highspot Inc. are aiming to change the guesswork required of salespeople by hawking technology that uses software to analyze and predict deal outcomes and suggest marketing strategies for corporate sales teams, potentially saving time and boosting revenue.



Why is it that we can track ad performance, email performance and social performance every-which-way, but we can’t get basic performance analysis on content in the sales cycle? Businesses should be able to answer these questions. Yet they plague businesses and often lead to finger-pointing and false assumptions, resulting in wasted dollars and time.

Sales Initiative magazine

Sales Initiative, Nancy Nardin

One benefit of sales analytics technology is that it can facilitate the alignment of sales and marketing and fulfill the promise of Sales Enablement. Highspot offers what they call Content Genomics™ a proprietary technology that analyses the DNA of sales content across the organisation, tracking how it has evolved and making it possible to accurately measure its performance. The end result is that marketing has the insight needed to produce content that drives engagement and revenue.

CMS Wire

CMSwire, Dom Nicastro

The team at Highspot wants to make it easier for salespeople to share content with prospects and customers, share their screens during product demonstrations and analyze their own sales performance. "Sales enablement software is historically clunky and hard to use," says Robert Wahbe, founder and CEO. This product update includes several product features to enhance user experience, sales effectiveness and overall performance.

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive, Natalia Angulo

Sales teams can harness user engagement data to measure and carry out relevant strategies that translate into higher conversions. Gartner research on effective sales interactions [supports the need for direct customer engagement], showing that business buyers report direct interactions with providers as the most influential touchpoint in their decision-making process.


Fortune, Laura Vanderkam

A full 91% of polled Millennials said they were interested in leadership roles, but the biggest identified reservation was a concern about work-life balance. The assumption is that managers are on the hook for long and unpredictable hours.

CMS Wire

CMSWire, Erika Morphy

Long before Robert Wahbe left Microsoft as its chief marketing executive of the company's server and tools division to form a startup called Highspot, the television drama Criminal Minds was focused on sales enablement. In fact, the TV show envisioned the technology that would solve what Wahbe later described as the sales enablement industry's sorest pain points...


The Hub, Kim Davis

One challenge which surfaced repeatedly in the discussions at DAM NYC earlier this month was how to manage versions of assets. One major multinational was well on the way to centralizing its content stack and giving business teams customized access, but when I asked how they tracked changes to assets outside the central repository, there was some head scratching. Enter Highspot, a Seattle, Washington-based sales enablement vendor…


CIO, Tom Kaneshige

For instance, BookingSuite uses Highspot to figure out what pieces of content, say, a PowerPoint slide in a sales presentation, are most effective. Highspot's analytics engine can identify and score content even if it's been altered and personalized by salespeople to target a particular prospect. This "effectiveness" insight goes back into the content-creation machine to improve performance.

Demand Gen Report

DemandGen Report

Currently in beta, Content Genomics positions users to track and analyze how sales content is edited throughout the sales cycle and how those revisions impact customer engagement and content ROI.


VentureBeat, Stewart Rogers

With this new addition, Highspot provides an intelligent content management system that delivers the most relevant content to the sales team, and powerful analytics for both sales and marketing teams. Effectively, it is taking machine learning and data science — two of the most cutting edge practices — and applying them to the oldest of professions.

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Direct Marketing News, Al Urbanski

It's easy to understand some of the typical divides between marketing and sales organizations. Marketing—fully versed in product and positioning and customer segments—produces reams of collateral to aid the sales force in making deals. But sales cuts and pastes and edits that material to suit the customers with whom they own personal relationships. The result is lots of wasted effort on both sides and little insight into what really worked with whom.


CIO, Tom Kaneshige

When it comes to marketing messages, content may be king, but because great digital content doesn’t try to sell a product or service, it’s difficult to measure its impact on relationships, mindset and branding.


CIO, Tom Kaneshige

As the marketing tech landscape continues to take shape, it’s clear that a lot still needs to happen before digital marketers reach the holy grail of customer interaction. Picking winners and losers is a risky proposition, but CIO.com senior writer Tom Kaneshige takes a shot.

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Xconomy, Benjamin Romano

Salespeople in large companies may have hundreds of thousands of individual pieces of marketing content to choose from when pitching a customer. Highspot, a Seattle startup announcing a $9.6 million Series A funding round, wants to help them pick the best one.

Reuters PE HUB

Reuters PeHUB, Iris Dorbian

Sales engagement platform Highspot has raised $9.6 million in Series A funding. Madrona Venture Group led the round. In addition to the funding, Tim Porter, managing director of Madrona Venture Group, has been added to Highspot’s board.

Red Herring

Red Herring

Sales platform as closed a $9.6 round million Series A financing round led by Madrona Venture Group. The company’s cloud–based offering helps customers to engage with customers more effectively.

Information Week

By Jeff Bertolucci

Up-and-coming vendors in the genre include AlchemyAPI, Digital Reasoning, Highspot, Lumiata, and Narrative Science, Gartner says.


By Darryl K. Taft

Former Microsoft engineers, including Bingers, launch Highspot to tackle enterprise search using machine learning. A team of former Microsoft execs and engineers have launched Highspot, a startup with a new cloud knowledge management service that helps organizations capture, share, and cultivate their most valuable working knowledge via machine learning.

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By Blair Hanley Frank

One of the biggest challenges an organization can face is making it possible for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing. While it’s easy to keep everyone on the same page at a three-person company, it’s a lot harder to make sure everyone is working from the same knowledge base at a larger organization. That’s where Highspot aims to make a difference.


By Derrick Harris

A new content-management platform called Highspot says it can make it easier for employees to find documents by employing the techniques used in web search engines. Its exact approach might be unique, but it’s not alone in trying to make enterprise search more intelligent.

PC World

By Mark Hachman

Every company suffers from the same problem: Key documents are emailed, buried, and then forgotten about—until they’re needed. Then the cycle repeats again. But a pair of ex-Microsoft execs say they have the solution. Their new startup, Highspot, actually looks very Google-y: Users can sign up to follow and funnel their own data into “spots,” but can also search for what they want using natural language via a search box. And the service also “bubbles up” relevant information, so that if a co-worker finds a relevant news story, for example, Highspot will push that to your attention.

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