Engagement Analytics

Measure and optimize the performance of your content across the sales cycle. See what the sales team is using, how it is engaging the interest of your customers, and how it is contributing to the bottom line. Highspot will help you analyze and optimize the way that content is used throughout the buyer’s journey.

How does Highspot help you win more deals?

Accurate Analytics, Finally

A key to optimizing your sales cycle is getting accurate analytics on content usage, effectiveness and customer engagement. Sales customizes content before presenting to customers. Without content genomics, marketing is only able to measure the original, unmodified content. Highspot uniquely enables you to measure the complete picture, providing holistic analysis of your content performance.


Measure Customer Engagement

If you are like most teams, sales is pitching a wide variety of case studies, product brochures, data sheets, proposals, and more. Do you know which content is getting the most engagement from customers? With Highspot’s unique analytics engine and content genomics technology you can drill down to understand engagement for a specific piece of content or roll the data up to understand the big picture. 


Increase Marketing Efficiency

Track content availability and usage at every sales stage. SiriusDecisions reports that on average 65% of content is never used by sales. Identify which content is getting used in your organization and stretch your sales content budget by 300%. 


Amplify Best Practices

Determine which email and live pitches are engaging customers and driving business. Track every aspect of customer engagements including email activity, email opens, dwell times, demo time, and more. Roll this data up to understand what your eagles are doing differently than the broader sales team so you can amplify best practices.


Modernize Traditional Selling